Friday, March 24, 2017

Blessings in the Chaos

One of the burdens a (relatively new) conscientious homeschooler bears is constantly measuring your children's educational experience with that of an average public school experience.  When things don't look the same or paces differ, it is so tempting to panic and hide!  The irony is that most of us homeschool so that we can have the freedom TO do things differently.  So then of course things are going to look different and that is beautiful!

Moms worry though.  I'm 37 and due with my third child very soon.  This baby was kind of a now or never kind of situation (mostly because I'm on the older end of the spectrum) and wasn't exactly a sure thing.  So, between the extra prayers, the extra morning sickness, and all the waaay different symptoms of this pregnancy, the last 9 months have been complicated to say the least.  So, back to homeschooling, things didn't always (hardly ever) run like clockwork.  That can make a mama worry.  Then again, so can anything, whether it's worthwhile or not.  And the last 9 months of J and miss Z's educational journey have been varied and colorful some days.  The really awesome part?  There has been growth, joy and mastery in spite of me!  The 6 year old LOVES reading chapter books, learned to tie his shoes, ride a bike, take care of his sister and can handle his laundry with a little help from me on top of some academics sprinkled in there.  And of course the 3 year old falls in step with him, talking our ears off so she'll be fine regardless.

The reality is that every season of life is a beautiful teacher if we let it.  I'm planning to start both of them on a new school year/curriculum by the end of the summer and already have a list of things I want to do differently for better organization and smoother handling with an infant in tow.  The stumbling I've felt at times over the past year has shaped and prepared me to do a better job.  As parents (or maybe humans in general), how often do we want to do this thing, but if it wouldn't work perfectly, we give it up and say not for me?  I'm afraid we write things off too soon before we've allowed ourselves to grow with it.  I know I can do that all too easily.  Still, I may always be fighting off worries in regards to my kids, but I'm thankful for the continual blessings amidst the chaos.  

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