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Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
I know all of you lesson planners out there NEVER need a supplement worksheet or activity at the last minute and have found yourself scrounging for something on the internet only to be frustrated and wasting a lot of time.  I'm sure I'm the only one. ;)  In the event that you've ever had the experience or could just use some reliable extra resources, our experience with the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from might be helpful to you.
Help Teaching Pro Subscription {} is a resource website full of custom and pre-made full-color worksheets, tests and  online lesson and activities for all subjects K-12.  As any teacher worth their stock knows, worksheets and tests don't automatically translate to a well-rounded education, but they are certainly needed and useful at times.   For all of those times, having a complete library of resources and a customizable testing platform at your fingertips is pretty handy.  The more grade levels you teach, the more useful it becomes as well.  For this review we focused on Pre-K to 1st grade resources but there are loads of options for every grade level.  

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
As you would expect from early education level subjects, there are lots of options in color matching, tracing, cutting/scissor training, alphabet, numbers, and early reading activities.  With Miss Z, my 3 year old, we have just started focusing on a letter a week and it has been very helpful to have different types of pages that reinforce the letter she's learning.  With J, my almost 6 year old, we tried out some of the online video lessons and questions for math, along with some some customized word searches.  In addition to what it automatically generated, I was able to add in my own words.  He enjoyed finding all of our names!

Of course, worksheets have their place, but they can get so boring if you aren't creative with them.  Some of the fun ways you can use many of the worksheets are scavenger hunts, adding manipulatives for matching and sorting, gluing/decorating (with glitter, beans, cotton, etc.), and of course coloring and drawing on the back.  One irritation I had was that when printed many of the worksheets were slightly off-center.  Not a huge deal, just irritating.  Overall, I found the website very useful and the price a good value for all that was made available.

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
If this website sounds like something you could use, note that there are 3 levels of membership.  With the free membership you have access to the test maker, but a limit on the number of questions on each test and limited access to worksheets.  The membership I was given is the Pro Membership which runs $24.95 a year and gives you unlimited access to everything they offer.  There is also a Group Membership for schools and businesses for $199.95 a year.  Something for everyone!

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