Friday, July 1, 2016

Love your people

We don't ask to be born, ya know.  I didn't get to sign up for it or get to request this family or that.  Whatever the circumstances surrounding our birth and home, we have no control over our appearance on the scene.  My children are almost 3 and 5 1/2.  That means there are moments and days when the level of difficulty in my job sky rockets and my tolerance pummels to the ground.  Just like your kids, mine can be cranky, ugly, unreliable and all out maddening sometimes.  And sometimes I don't act like an adult like I should.  Sometimes I scream too.   There are moments when whatever life was like before or what I imagined life would be like is so foreign to today that I get angry.   It's hard to be a parent and to be in charge of little somebodies who likely won't appreciate what you did today for them for like 25 years at least.

I know God knew what He was doing when He created offspring as babies to begin with.  It was so we could look back at that precious, helpless infant and remember that they did not ask to be born in this year to these parents under whatever stress they may find themselves in.  They didn't ask to be 3 years old when someone loses a job or makes foolish choices.   Just like we don't usually fully understand what we're getting ourselves into when we go to college, get married, have children and lust after adulthood, they don't understand much of why mom or dad aren't acting right or so upset about a job only half finished.  It's so easy to demonize people - especially children  - when they don't act how we want or feel in ways we don't understand.  We complain about something, but how quickly does it turn into how all of our problems are the fault of this person - even the little ones.

Love your people.  Don't forget we're all just doing the best we can.  Be exhausted and frustrated. Don't pretend it's all easy.  Just don't forget to love your people because they don't usually understand all the mess, just that they love you.

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