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ABeCeDarian Company: An Interactive Workbook Review

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews
ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

If you have never taught someone to read, for most people it can be a daunting task.  Unless you have studied things like phonics and decoding, you very well may not know where to begin with your pre-reading child.  Interactive Workbook A from ABeCeDarian Company is something you might want to consider if you are new to the process of learning to read.  

The ABeCeDarian Reading Program is a research-based, explicit, comprehensive, multi-sensory decoding program developed by Michael Bend, Ph.D. The Interactive Workbook A being reviewed is digital which means it can be used from any device with a web browser, like an iPad or a Kindle, in addition to a laptop.  There is also a paper version of the workbook that you might consider if the electronic version doesn't meet your needs.  The program housed within this workbook is a beginning reading curriculum designed for significant teacher/parent guidance.  It comes complete with 48 lessons that include activities like word puzzles, spelling chains, reading practice and handwriting.  One of the most important and valuable part of this workbook is the free Teacher's Manual that corresponds to it.  In essence, it walks you through anything you need to know and be prepared to do in order to teach someone to read.  It is quite lengthy and requires a bit of time invested before you're ready to dive into the program, but it is very thorough and educational.

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews
ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews Since this is my first time using one of ABeCeDarian's products, I wasn't sure what to expect.  My 5 year old began reading instruction several months ago, but has only really taken off in the past month or two.  I had hoped this program would simply add to his progress.  As I learned, this is especially useful during the early stages of reading.  When my son began trying out the lessons, it was clear he had advanced beyond the program.  We moved closer to the end of the program hoping to find something challenging, but he moved through that quickly as well.  That might give the impression that the program is ineffective because it is too easy, but I wouldn't agree.  Had we begun with ABeCeDarian last summer, I expect it would have been incredibly useful. It provides many opportunities to reinforce phonics and decoding, much of which is helpful for slower-paced learners.  

The content is excellent.  The teacher's manual is a wealth of knowledge.  The program provides a great chance for connection with such a heavily teacher guided method.  Like I mentioned above, there is a paper version - which I have not seen or used myself - that I expect I would prefer over the electronic version.  The laptop electronic version obviously requires a mouse or a track pad, but handwriting practice just isn't really happening that way.  On smaller devices the screens don't really feel big enough sometimes.  In some cases the technology just seemed to get in the way of the content.  Still, the program does a great job preparing parents and students for the reading journey.

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When my daughter gets ready to start reading, I hope to try a version of this program with her to take full advantage of this curriculum's benefits. Find out what other reviewers thought by clicking on the banner below.

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

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