Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gardening Giveaway

Over the weekend, my little family made a visit to Sunrise Acres to buy some vegetable starter plants for the garden.  The owners there were so helpful and I love that it is just down the road from us now.  There was a moment when we were checking out that struck me with such gratitude.  Mr. Butler had asked about growing sweet potatoes and was getting a very knowledgeable and thorough explanation (his favorite kind).  J had found a basketball and Miss Z was trying to keep up with a couple of dogs.  I was thankful for kind people in the world doing good things with their life.  I was thankful for a Saturday when we were allowed to do several things as a family.  I was thankful for the hope in the air you feel when you get a whiff of a tomato plant or cucumber vine.  Planting and keeping a garden is good for the soul.

If you're new to planting a vegetable garden, you might not realize how important planning is to the whole process.  Thanks to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Molly Green, throughout the month of April you can get in touch with your inner gardener and be prepared with some great free books!  Just use the code ABCREW16 at checkout.

 I would love to see some pictures of your garden, big or small! Just use the tag #getupandgarden or #writebalance.

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