Monday, August 5, 2013

Local Flavor: Pickerman's

Mr. Butler and I find ourselves on opposing viewpoints more times than feels reasonable some days, but, as usual, our differences can bring about beautiful things never realized on our own.  One of those big differences is trying new things.  I'm a bit of a homebody and scared-y cat, especially when it involves trying a new restaurant.  What if I hate it? Then it's a waste of money and eating out (a guilty pleasure of mine)!  Mr. Butler is the opposite and is always game for a new experience and hopes to discover secret gems off the beaten path.  Lucky for me, he has a pretty good track record!  One of our favorite finds is only a few minutes from our house!

For those here in the Oklahoma City metro, if you're in the mood for a good sandwich shop, complete with hand-dipped ice cream, stop by Pickerman's Soup & Sandwiches on the corner of SW 89th and Penn.  There's few things better than discovering a family-owned business that is close by and good at what they do!  Everything is made fresh, with all sorts of options like an awesome potato salad, salads with (delicious!) homemade croutons and all kinds of sandwiches and soups.  They cater, make ice cream cakes and pies, and make absolutely delicious (thick and rich) ice cream!  If you're in the neighborhood, give them a try! And to really get a good feel, try them a couple of weeks in a row but ordering something completely different.

We think you'll enjoy it!

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