Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Works For Me Wednesday: Food Success

I have this habit of doing things a lot differently than most people I know.  As we all know, not everything works for everyone.  So, this weekly post is about what works for me.  Take it or leave it. :)

Easy way to get greens - I put a cup or more of baby spinach (you can buy it in containers at Walmart) in the blender with milk, fruit, and protein powder.  It's a great lower calorie meal and high in nutrition.

Baby food containers - When you make your own baby food, it's difficult to know how/what to store the food in.  At first I bought some (expensive) handy 2 oz containers at Target and while they work really well, I needed more and didn't want to pay $10 for 4.  Instead, I found plastic 6 oz jars (w/ purple lids) at Walmart, 5 for $3.  They hold more and are cheaper. Score!

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