Friday, June 24, 2011

The Heart of the Matter

2 weeks have passed since I've sat down to write in this blog and so much has happened.  Within just my radius of friends and acquaintances, change has come on us like a freight train.  A tragic accident, a few new births, new jobs, and just a zillion firsts! The internet gives me the luxury of experiencing someone's sky high joy one moment and read about another's hard, hard road of mourning, the next.  Since I'm just on the edge of much of it, it feels similar to standing on the side of a highway, literally feeling the cars rush by.  There is just so much intensity to it all that I often feel like I'm going fall over from the power of it all.

With such contradicting waves, I've come to a couple of conclusions about my life and the way I spend my days.  Tragedy makes us say, "Live every day as if its your last!"  Joyful events make us say, "Enjoy it while it lasts!"  And when you think about it, those are kind of extremes.  Living as though there is no tomorrow suggests no planning for the future or no waiting (patience) for something better.  But the opposite can lead us to believe that nothing will ever change and that we have all the time in the world.  The truth is (yet again) in the balance.  My world could change in a moment and all the planning I've been doing could be for not.  Or I could constantly  be waiting for the other shoe to drop and simply flounder around going nowhere.   Instead, each decision I make, I need to be at peace with it.  The brevity of life should never fully leave my mind, but the great amount that God could do with my life (if I am willing) shouldn't either.

Jude had his 2nd tooth break through this week.  And while I know few genuinely care or find useful that this happened, it is joyful to Randy and I.  Watching him change and grow is  And yet, once he has a full set of teeth, we won't think another thought about it.  Life has so much joy to offer, but its gone so quickly.

We're headed to Tennessee in the morning so I ask your prayers for our safety and Jude's continued easygoing-ness.  But beyond that, please pray for those who are mourning and dwell on the joy of those who are experiencing new life.  Let us all live purposefully, peacefully and always keeping the end in mind.

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